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  1. The server is being reformulated, since its drops, the rate enchant, enchant maximum, etc. The prices in the shops are also being modified and adjusted according to the drops. When the updates are complete, I will post here all the information about the changes on the server.
  2. Diamond Coins drops in the Battle Zone has been changed to 5x per kill. We added the Diamond Coins drop on all Champions mobs! Many new things are yet to come!
  3. Olympiad Bind and Hide Names is temporarily disabled.
  4. - Rune Zone has been fixed. - We have limited a one PC box in Siege Zone, so we will prevent bots during battles. This decision is final.
  5. Now these Raid Boss drops Medal of Honor: Behemoth Leader Dragon Beast Taklacan Dragon Beast Drake Lord
  6. Adicionamos a nova Medal of Honor, você pode obter a medalha em Battle Zone, Special Raid Bosses e eventos promovidos pelo GM. Não serão todos Raid Boss que terão esta medalha como drop, em breve anunciaremos que Raid Bosses terá Medal of Honor como drop. Com Medal of Honor você pode comprar novas skins para armas, adicionar argumentos diretamente à sua arma e comprar os novas cloaks.
  7. We added the new Medal of Honor, you can get the medal in Battle Zone, Special Raid Bosses and events promoted by GM. It will not be all Raid Boss to drop this medal, soon we will announce which Raid Bosses will have Medal of Honor as drop. With Medal of Honor you can buy new Skins for weapons, add argument directly to your weapon and buy the new Cloaks.
  8. We did a rework in the cubics, and we upgraded our geodata. The server is now stable.
  9. - Olympiads waiting time for battle reduced to 60 seconds. - We have developed a better system of autopotions and added today for use. - Counter Critical changed time to 1 minute. The server has been fully balanced to work without this skill in the NPC buffer, and Counter Critical is now a support skill. This change will not harm any class, the server is much more balanced now. We will make adjustments if necessary. - New dressme added to server, lindvior weapons (trial mode for 1 week). - Blessed Enchants removed from Seed of Annihilation, but you can drop on Antharas Lair.
  10. Geodata updated We made some improvements in the geodata of the Olympiads arenas. Cubics fixed The cubics have been fixed, but need more testing to make sure there are no more problems. We tested many times and we did not get any problems. Mardil's Fan This weapon in retail mode when attacked have chance to active a casting speed skill, but only when you have no acumen buff. Now we change the weapon to activate even if you are buffed. However in olympiads this does not work, this is retail like.
  11. Geodata Foi efetuado algumas correções nas arenas de Olimpiadas. Global Gatekeeper Adicionamos novas opções de teleportes para zonas de farming. Exchange Adena Agora você pode trocar suas Adenas por Gold Bar ou Gold Bar por Adena. Sell Buff System Adicionamos o sistema de venda de buffs, utilize o comando .sellbuffs com as classes de suporte. Drop Calculator Adicionamos o sistema de Drop Calculator. Agora você pode pesquisar os drops pelo Community Board. Find Party .fp foi desabilitado a sua descrição enquanto estamos desenvolvendo limites de descrição para evitar chat spam. Balanceamento do Servidor Efetuamos diversos testes em Classes afim de definir o melhor balanceamento do servidor, o balanceamento foi efetuado coerentemente visando tornar as classes uteis dentro das suas características. Lista de skills testadas e balanceadas: Bluff. Shield Bash. Stun Shot. Seven Arrow. Cancellation. Soul Shock. Vimpiric Mist. Curse Disaese. Mass Slow. Anchor. Mass Fear. Silence. Curse of Doom. Demon Wind. Wind Vortex. Aura Flash. Slow. Insane Crusher. Touch of Death. Panther Cancel. Hamstring. Entangle. Trick. Switch. Imbue Dark Seed. Cubic’s. Note: Algumas Classes e Skills ainda serão testadas, na listagem acima estão as skills que foram testadas diversas vezes.
  12. Geodata There were some corrections in the Olympiad arenas. Global GK We've added new teleporter options for farming areas. Exchange Adena Now you can exchange your Adenas for Gold Bar or Gold Bar for Adenas. Sell Buff System We added the buffs selling system, use .sellbuffs command with your support character. Drop Calculator We added the Drop Calculator System. Now you can search the drops on the Community Board. Find Party .fp description was disabled until we limited some functions against spam in the chat. Server Balancing We performed several tests in Classes, to set the best balance on the server, balancing was done in a coherent way, in order to make the classes useful within their characteristics. List of tested and balanced skills: Bluff. Shield Bash. Stun Shot. Seven Arrow. Cancellation. Soul Shock. Vimpiric Mist. Curse Disaese. Mass Slow. Anchor. Mass Fear. Silence. Curse of Doom. Demon Wind. Wind Vortex. Aura Flash. Slow. Insane Crusher. Touch of Death. Panther Cancel. Hamstring. Entangle. Trick. Switch. Imbue Dark Seed. Cubic’s. Note: Some Classes and Skills will still be tested, in the listing above are skills that have been tested several times.
  13. chat levels disabled...
  14. The referral system works for those who share their mentor code for starting players. Therefore, only the character who has never played the server and is in the first level with his character can use the reference code. Use the ".refferal" command to view your reference code and share your code for friends and new players. The novice player must also use the ".referral" command to enter mentor code and receive his award as soon as he reaches level 85. Note: The award will be sent to the mentor and beginning player.
  15. We did some testing and made some adjustments to those skills. - Mass Warrior Bane. - Mass Mage Bane. - Warrior Bane. - Mage Bane. - Wind Vortex. - Demon Wind.
  16. - AutoPotion disabled temporarily, we are developing a better system for potions. - Removed time from Codex Mastery. - Geodata updated. - Primeval Isle added to PvP Zone. - New Cloaks are tradable.
  17. For 24 hours we will have Double Drop! Enjoy the event!
  18. The autopotion system was added, and the mana potion delay was defined in 10s.
  19. In order to balance drops with players, we have defined the drops as random. We disable the drop protection for last hit or greater damage in Raid Boss, anyone can pick up.
  20. The speed limit was limiting the potential of classes like daggers and archers. - Maximum run speed has increased from 250 to 300. - Fixed kill summons on PvP Zone. - Counter Critical removed from NPC buffer and time is changed to retail like.
  21. Use our launcher to connect to the server. Some changes require your patch to be up to date. Updates that occurred this week. - Added Greater CP Potion to Grocery Shop. - Added restriction to Mana Potion with Arcane Shield. - Added function to augment weapon on NPC Donate. - Added new Cloaks on NPC Donate. - Skills description updated for last version Hi5 Part5.
  22. Make a video promoting our server, the videos will be analyzed and the creator of the best video will receive 250 Coin's of Chronos! The winning video will be featured on our site until the next promotion! Regulation: - Video in HD. - Maximum time 2:30 minutes. - The video should promote the server. - The video should be posted on YouTube. - Videos will be accepted as of this date (24/07/2018). The event ends in 30 days (24/08/2018). Winner! We would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the event, and we really liked all the videos. But this is an event and we can only choose one winner! Soon we will do this event again! Thank you!
  23. Regularizaremos as estatísticas erradas na descrição da armadura, não há motivo para pânico ou troca de armadura. Vamos definir as estatísticas adicionais como características do servidor em uma skill passiva. Atenciosamente Kira.
  24. We will regularize the statistics that are wrong in the description of the armor, there is no reason to panic or exchange armor. Let's define the additional stats as server characteristics in a passive skill. Best Regards Kira.
  25. Now you can trade Coin of Chronos, we believe this could heat up the market within the server. We have made the change in siege programming, however, we will postpone the changes to the next siege. This siege will be in the time (18h UTC -3), and the next sieges will be on time (15h UTC -3). The reason is a holiday in South America.