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    Geodata There were some corrections in the Olympiad arenas. Global GK We've added new teleporter options for farming areas. Exchange Adena Now you can exchange your Adenas for Gold Bar or Gold Bar for Adenas. Sell Buff System We added the buffs selling system, use .sellbuffs command with your support character. Drop Calculator We added the Drop Calculator System. Now you can search the drops on the Community Board. Find Party .fp description was disabled until we limited some functions against spam in the chat. Server Balancing We performed several tests in Classes, to set the best balance on the server, balancing was done in a coherent way, in order to make the classes useful within their characteristics. List of tested and balanced skills: Bluff. Shield Bash. Stun Shot. Seven Arrow. Cancellation. Soul Shock. Vimpiric Mist. Curse Disaese. Mass Slow. Anchor. Mass Fear. Silence. Curse of Doom. Demon Wind. Wind Vortex. Aura Flash. Slow. Insane Crusher. Touch of Death. Panther Cancel. Hamstring. Entangle. Trick. Switch. Imbue Dark Seed. Cubic’s. Note: Some Classes and Skills will still be tested, in the listing above are skills that have been tested several times.
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    - Olympiads waiting time for battle reduced to 60 seconds. - We have developed a better system of autopotions and added today for use. - Counter Critical changed time to 1 minute. The server has been fully balanced to work without this skill in the NPC buffer, and Counter Critical is now a support skill. This change will not harm any class, the server is much more balanced now. We will make adjustments if necessary. - New dressme added to server, lindvior weapons (trial mode for 1 week). - Blessed Enchants removed from Seed of Annihilation, but you can drop on Antharas Lair.