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    Nós temporariamente bloqueamos qualquer DualBox durante o Sieges/TW. Esta é uma solução temporária até que terminemos de desenvolver outro anti-bot para combater os bots durante o Sieges/TW. Já estamos trabalhando para obter uma solução melhor.
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    Make a video promoting our server, the videos will be analyzed and the creator of the best video will receive 250 Coin's of Chronos! The winning video will be featured on our site until the next promotion! Regulation: - Video in HD. - Maximum time 2:30 minutes. - The video should promote the server. - The video should be posted on YouTube. - Videos will be accepted as of this date (24/07/2018). The event ends in 30 days (24/08/2018). Post here the link of your video, and you will already be participating!
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    We temporarily blocked any DualBox during the Sieges/TW. This is a temporary solution until we finish developing another anti-bot to combat the bots during the Sieges/TW. We are already working to get a better solution.
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    ta ai, não saiu muito bom... ate pq o edito que eu uso,... não faz muito animação,... meu pc não aguenta um editor foda kkkk,... mais ta ai,... kk vlw
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    Hey guys, This is my submission for the video event. Full HD, 16:9 aspect ratio, stable 30fps, unique shots, custom thumbnail.
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    Now you can trade Coin of Chronos, we believe this could heat up the market within the server. We have made the change in siege programming, however, we will postpone the changes to the next siege. This siege will be in the time (18h UTC -3), and the next sieges will be on time (15h UTC -3). The reason is a holiday in South America.
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    Hello community Server Chronos . Here is my video, recorded in its entirety on the server. I highlighted the features of this great server medium rates, its stability and activity, so that even more people enter it and the fun is even greater. Hope you like. With love for you. Sol. (lsis) ____________________________________________________________________________________ Olá comunidade Chronos do servidor. Aqui está o meu vídeo, gravado em sua totalidade no servidor. Eu destaquei as características deste ótimo servidor de taxas médias, sua estabilidade e atividade, para que ainda mais pessoas entrassem e a diversão fosse ainda maior. Espero que gostem. Com amor por você. Sol. (lsis)
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    After some problems and complaints about the drops during the cinematic of the GrandBosse's. We turned off the cinematic function of the GrandBosse's. Best regards chronos staff.